Creative ideas.
Thoughtful design.
Tangible results.

About Us

NDM is all-encompassing design studio located in Bihac. We give good ideas a new life through brand design, print design and marketing. Our studio is focused on the creation of visual experiences which will shape your perception. We believe that strategic planning is as important as shaping of ideas.
We utilize a holistic approach to our design!  Our ability and mission is to use our experiences and our quality to present your brand through a high specter of visual Medias. We will build your brand and strengthen it by giving it a visual language and identity.

Brand design
NDM believes that building a strong brand is necessary for an effective communication of your products and services on the market. We work very hard on the process of understanding our customers and their products in order to find the most effective design solution which we can adjust to their needs and goals. 

  • Logotypes
  • Branding
  • Corporate identities
  • Naming products/services
  • Creating brands.

Print design
We possess a unique set of skills that we use to produce and represent your products in the best way possible. We believe that production process and material selection is an important part of the design process.  We combine our high-quality design with the excellent final execution to showcase the most important values of your brand. 

  • Package design
  • Brochures/Promotion elements
  • Print advertisements
  • Book design
  • business graphics.

Convincing design and product identity have a very important role in advertisement.  We offer skilled services in this area to make sure that the identity of your brand remains strong and recognizable through a variety of advertisement channels and formats; TV, radio, online, Ooh, Indoor.